Pearl Mother Bracelet Gallery

Real semi-precious gemstones can be added to any bracelet on my website. I have several beautiful designs below featuring my gemstones; pearls, hematite, Garnet Beads (January Birthstone), Amethyst Beads (February Birthstone), Aquamarine Beads (March Birthstone), Clear Quartz (April), Green Mtn Jade (May), Pearls (June Birthstone), Red Swarovski Crystal (July), Peridot Beads (August Birthstone) Blue Agate or Lapis Lazuli (September), Pink Malaysia Jade (October), Citrine Beads (November Birthstone), Turquoise Beads (December) and many more! A great gift idea for mommy and grandma too! Each design is shown with semi-precious gemstones but each page should have the option to put your choice of semi-precious birthstones. If you want to combine 2 styles or want more than ongemstone per bracelet give us a text, email or call.

Almost all of my Birthstone Mother Bracelet designs are available in up to 5 strings! Options: 1-string - 2 strings - 3 strings - 4 strings & 5-strings. Call or email me with questions (615) 490-2177.

'JBL-PS1-1 string
GIA - This is a 1 name Pearl Gemstone Mothers Bracelet with GIA. They added a Birthstone Crystal Dangle and a Baby Girl Bootie Charm.


Pearl & Bali Gemstone Bracelet - $69+

Gram birthstone bracelet with a picture frame charm and a birthstone crystal dangle. JBL-PS2


Pearl & Bali Mother Bracelet - $99+

JBL-PS3-1string - PAYTON
*2 bracelets shown* Here is a Mommy and Daughter Pearl and Sterling Bracelet. The Mother Bracelet is shown with a Heart Picture Frame Charm and the Daughter Bracelet is shown with a Heart Lobster claw extension clasp.


Mother & Daughter Bracelets - $69+

JBL-Gem4-3 string Grace Ann & Kaci Elizabeth  This is a 3 string bracelet.
Order: 1/Grace Ann/Topaz 2/Ame 3/Kaci Elizabeth/Topaz Please abbreviate, if possible, becaue space is limited in the order blank.


Gemstone Mother Birthstones- $49+

Gemstone and Sterling Silver Mothers Bracelet - DBLGem4


Gemstones & Sterling - $49+

Coordinate Jewelry has the GPS Coordinates of a special place or a place with a special memory. It could be the birth location of a child or where your husband proposed to you or where you went on your honeymoon!


GPS Location Bracelet - $69+

This bracelet is made with 4mm round Fancy Jasper beads and other colorful gemstones. It has 4.5mm block letters and a sterling silver clasp. You choose the number of strings. This bracelet is shown with 3 strings.


Gemstone Mom Bracelet - $49+

I have an Aquamarine (you choose the gemstone) Birthstone Bracelet shown here with 2 names and 3 strings. The Mother or Grandmother Aquarmarine Birthstone Bracelet.


Gemstone & Bali Birthstone Bracelet - $99+

"I love love love my mother's bracelet! Thank you again for your patience in helping me create it! I have a friend that will be contacting you to create one for herself as well. Have a great weekend!
Thank you,

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